DOLLYWOOD APRIL 2016: Video / Trip Report / Park Review

My theme park season started with this cool, beautiful spring trip to the best park in Tennessee, Dollywood! Crowds were nonexistent, with wait times for rides never over 10 minutes. Dollywood’s Festival of Nations was in full swing, so the park was decked out with lots of different world culture activities and shows. Lightning Rod,Continue reading “DOLLYWOOD APRIL 2016: Video / Trip Report / Park Review”

40 things that may make you a coaster geek…

I came to the conclusion years ago that everyone is a nerd for something. I.E., everyone has that one hobby/activity they’re REALLY into. A lot of times it’s broad stuff like music, sports, photography, art, science or whatever. Then there are those of us that are really into super specific things to the point whereContinue reading “40 things that may make you a coaster geek…”