40 things that may make you a coaster geek…

I came to the conclusion years ago that everyone is a nerd for something. I.E., everyone has that one hobby/activity they’re REALLY into. A lot of times it’s broad stuff like music, sports, photography, art, science or whatever. Then there are those of us that are really into super specific things to the point whereContinue reading “40 things that may make you a coaster geek…”

Quick Update: August 2015

Ok, so… My apologies for falling behind in updating this blog. I’m still sort of finalizing what exactly this blog will be all about. It’s hard to come up with something that I don’t already see often on other theme park websites!  I’m going to work on integrating video into my posts that flows seamlesslyContinue reading “Quick Update: August 2015”

THUNDERBIRD REVIEW: New for 2015 at Holiday World

It’s May of 2015, and pretty much all parks around the country have opened their gates for the season. Many of which have some shiny new rides to show off to the world, and one of the most notable additions to the roller coaster world plopped down in the middle-of-nowhere, Indiana. Actually, the real nameContinue reading “THUNDERBIRD REVIEW: New for 2015 at Holiday World”